Sleep Training

What is sleep training?

Sleep training simply means helping a baby or a young child learn2251576041_ecac27a6e8_z to sleep independently and stay asleep through the night.This can usually be started at an early age for babies but you should check with your pediatrician if your baby is ready for sleep training

Regularly sleeping through the night is easily developed and adapted to for some babies. However, some babies have trouble falling asleep on their own or soothing themselves back to sleep when they

awaken and need to be guided through encouragement and support.

When can I start sleep training?

When your baby is about 6 weeks, he has started adapting to the day and night system. Don’t try to impose a sleep schedule or training program on a newborn. Your newborn will need to feed every few hours, around the clock. So your baby will sleep for just a few hours at a time.

At this stage, just encourage your baby and try to reinforce his bedtime routine by starting a light and flexible schedule at about the same time every night. you can give him a bath, body massage, read to him and then feed him before putting him down. Try to keep the same nap times too during the day.

Most experts say babies are ready for sleep training at about 4 months old. You can then start a more rigid schedule to help your baby sleep better and through the night. you would need to adjust your  routine though, as your baby develops and grows older.

What are my sleep training options?

There are many different sleep training methods and techniques one can use for their child. The one you decide to adopt will totally depend on what you are comfortable with and what you think is suitable for your child.  Most methods are just as effective as the next, what appears to be most effective according to research, is consistency. Some of the most common sleep methods are:

–     the ”cry-it-out” or ”graduated extinction” approach

 –     no-tears approach
 –     Extinction with parents presence
 –     and many others
 Which ever sleep method you decide on has pros and cons. But I personally use an approach with minimal to no crying because it has a less emotional impact on the parent and the entire family.








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