Napping Right

Naps are as important as night sleep. Naps can help improve 7490967888_3da071ae6e_z
mood and alertness. The better your baby naps during the day the better night sleep he will get. Contrary to what some people believe, naps actually improve night sleeps. Over-tiredness or restlessness can cause a baby to have trouble falling asleep or even be unable to sleep for a long time after going to bed. It can also cause him to wake up often or too early in the morning. Your baby or toddler will require zero, one, two or three naps a day depending on his age. A good nap schedule that is adhered to can help your baby be a better sleeper.


Baby nap schedule

0-3 months         every 2-3 hours      2 – 4 hours each

4 – 7 months      at least 2 naps         1 – 3 hours each

8 – 12 months    at least 2 naps         1 – 3 hours each

1 – 2 years           1 – 2 naps                45 mins – 3 hours

2 – 3 years           1 long nap or 2 short ones
These are typical patterns but not all babies follow them. The number of naps may vary depending on the length of each nap and your baby’s system. Observe your baby’s sleep signals. What he does when he starts to feel sleepy. Does he get cranky or fussy, does he start to rub his eyes, does his mood change, or does he fall asleep in the early afternoon, while in the car or while watching TV?
Take note of these signals and make an appropriate nap schedule for your baby. Don’t wait until your baby is overtired before getting him in to nap. Adopt a nap time routine of about 5 – 10 minutes to help your baby associate naps with these activities. Babies thrive very well on routines. It makes them understand what is happening around them and what to expect.

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  1. ReplyBaby Sleep
    So, what should you do to prevent your baby from becoming overstimulated. It is important to talk to your baby while you feed, diaper and bathe. You increase the waiting time as you go along, and the baby will soon sleep on their own for about an hour or more.
    • ReplyUmm Sadeeq
      To avoid overstimulating your child during bedtime routine that involve talking while feeding, bathing or changing your baby, use a low calming voice when talking or singing to your child. This will help in soothing your baby and preparing his system for sleep.

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