At the Baby and Toddler Sleep Solution, we offer you and your baby or toddler reliable and efficient sleep solutions . We take into consideration your specific situation and provide you with a tailored sleep plan, coaching sessions, lots of resources and much more. We are here to answer all your questions every step of the way.

With our Sleep Coaching Consulting packages, we work with you to build long term positive sleep habits for your baby/toddler. Ease your frustrations and let us worry about giving you and your baby/toddler long, peaceful and restful nights.

Jamila Hassan

Jamila is a baby sleep coach and a mother of two lovely boys with technical and practical experience with baby sleep problems. Her need to solve baby sleep problems started as a new parent when she was faced with her first son’s sleep problems. And just like most, went through so much frustrations, confusions and sleep deprivation. Waking up several times, to soothe, rock and comfort him. She was tired of her never-ending chore of putting her baby back to sleep several times every night, that she was determined to get a solution.

Through a lot of research, practice, training and literature, she overcame her child’s sleep issues, gained knowledge and experience with both her sons and other parents she has helped. She uses her wide understanding of many sleep methods, schedule routines, baby development needs and more to help sleep deprived parents.

Knowing exactly how it feels to be sleep deprived and frustrated while trying to be the best parent you can, gives her a unique perspective of how to give you that solution you dream of. She has helped other parents with their baby/toddler sleep problems, with practical and easy to follow advise that fits their specific family situation.

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